MSC is more than just a business, it’s a family.  It’s been that way since we started in 1982. So when our employees go home each day to their real families, we want them to be healthy!  This mindset is what drives our commitment to providing a safe workplace for everyone.

To accomplish this mission, we have built our safety program upon these pillars:  Management Commitment, Employee Involvement, Continuous Improvement, Effective Response, Regulatory Compliance.

  • Management Commitment – From the executive management level to factory supervision, we will lead the way in making safety a high priority by supporting policies, procedures, and activities that foster a safe workplace.

  • Employee Involvement – We will have a culture that encourages employee input on ways to improve safety and prevent accidents.

  • Continuous Improvement – We will continuously evaluate our programs and performance indicators to find ways to enhance employee safety.

  • Effective Response – When loss occurs we will be prepared to care for the injured, establish root cause of the accident and take necessary action to prevent recurrence.

  • Regulatory Compliance – We are committed to the idea that regulatory compliance should not be the ultimate goal of a safety program.  However, we recognize it as a critical piece of the foundation and we are fully committed to compliance with all applicable regulations.  

Additionally, MSC has been a VPP Star site since 2000, being 1 of only 36 in the state of Tennessee. 

In the VPP, management, labor, and OSHA establish cooperative relationships at workplaces that have implemented a comprehensive safety and health management system. Approval into VPP is OSHA’s official recognition of the outstanding efforts of employers and employees who have achieved exemplary occupational safety and health. Please click here for more information on OSHA VPP programs or TOSHA.

Read more about our VPP certification here.


MSC is the only business in North America utilizing DOSISERV software to monitor personal radiation dose limits for its employees.


The DOSISERV software is an individual and collective dosimetry management software. It is used to:

  • Manage all the data related to the workers in controlled area (civil status/companies/dose limits)

  • Collect the data recorded by the electronic dosimeters by using the dosimeter readers (also named «reading terminal»)

  • Check and grant controlled area accesses prior to start-up of the electronic dosimeters.


DOSISERV features include:

  • Real-time self access with threshold customization

  • Tasks and group of tasks management

  • Radiation work permit management

  • Areas, sub-areas and group of areas management

  • Worker and company access criteria customization

  • Worker data customization

  • Official dose calculation customization for various legislation compliance

  • Neutron electronic dosimeter compliance

  • Health physics equipment's management

  • Automatic dose recovery after network failure

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