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TN Tech Students Conduct an Industrial Assessment at MSC

Tennessee Tech University engineering students recently conducted an industrial assessment of MSC's facilities. This was made possible through the Industrial Assessment Center, which is a national program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office. IACs are located at 31 universities across the country.

The mission of the Tennessee 3-Star Industrial Assessment Center is the promotion of industrial energy efficiency in manufacturing through:

1. Conducting no-cost on-site energy efficiency assessments

2. Graduating engineering students with professional skill sets and a solid background in energy and resource efficiency

For more information on the IAC program, visit the Department of Energy - Industrial Assessment Centers.

Small and medium sized industrial facilities may be eligible for a no cost assessment if they meet the following criteria:

  • Manufacturing NAICS 31xxxx-33xxxx, or Agriculture NAICS 11xxxx, or Mining NAICS 21xxxx.

  • Gross annual sales less than $100 million

  • Fewer than 500 employees at site

  • Annual utility bills between $100,000 and $3.5 million

  • No in-house energy professional staff to perform the assessment

Other requirements:

  • Allow name to be listed as program participant

  • Provide utility data and plant data as requested

  • Respond to a follow up implementation call

  • Within 150 miles of an IAC

MSC really enjoyed learning from and spending time with the students. We look forward to their findings report and hope to implement their recommendations to make MSC a more energy efficient facility!

Learn about TN Tech's Industrial; Assessment Program here!



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