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MSC was approached by a client to install equipment to manufacture a uranium based aqueous solution on an industrial scale for a multi year production project. The scope of the work consisted of:


  • Extensive research

  • Detailed engineering designs 

  • Design reviews

  • Permitting and licensing processes

  • Creation of new procedures 

  • Facility modifications

  • Installation and construction of equipment utilizing MSC resources and subcontractors 

  • Laboratory analytics 

  • Environmental Health and Safety reviews 


MSC  designed, installed and commissioned a custom system for a client in order to safely supply high volume quantities of a uranium based aqueous solution. 


A continuous batch process was proposed in order to meet and/or exceed total production requirements. Redundant production lines were designed to process the entire quantity of the aqueous solution for each delivery. This also allowed for downtime for any scheduled maintenance on processing equipment while still meeting all production requirements. 


The timeline from contract award date to first production day was just 17 months and the uranium based aqueous solution being manufactured by MSC meets client criteria. 

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